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Empyrion DC : Next Generation Digital Infrastructure Platform in Asia

With the data centre industry rapidly evolving, Mark Fong, CEO, speaks to APAC Outlook Magazine about how Empyrion DC is leading the way in an environment of intensifying rack density, efficiency, and sustainability.

October 9, 2023

[10 Oct 2023], Singapore, Singapore – Empyrion DC Pte. Ltd. (“Empyrion DC”), a Singapore-headquartered next-generation data centre operator, is an up-and-coming Asia-focused digital infrastructure platform committed to sustainability. The company currently has two data centre assets – a fully operational 12.5MW SG1 Dodid Data Centre in Singapore and a 40MW KR1 Gangnam Data Centre that will be ready-for-service in 1H 2025 in Seoul, South Korea. 

“Empyrion DC aims to be the recognised green data centre partner supporting hyperscale, scale, enterprise, and network customers in Asia through innovation and customer-centricity,” opens Mark Fong, CEO of Empyrion DC. 

“We build where there is resilient demand from cloud and major IT enterprises and uphold a philosophy to ‘Think Global, Act Local.’ This helps us to focus on our mission to deliver centrally located facilities that offer a rich and diverse ecosystem of connectivity and cloud providers in developed and emerging Asia Pacific markets.” 

Being sustainable is more critical than ever in today’s climate. Empyrion DC has been investing into technologies such as advanced cooling systems, high-efficiency building integrated photovoltaic panels (BIPV), and exterior plant walls on its facade that reduce ambient temperature within its facility.    

“We pride ourselves on being “Green by Design”, where we adopt environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations and integrate them into everything we do. Due to artificial intelligence, we are seeing rack densities increase from a standard four to six kilowatts (kW) per rack to 20 kW per rack. This necessitates a change in cooling technology to support higher-density workloads that need to be energy and water-efficient for future IT workloads,” says Fong.

Looking ahead, Empyrion DC intends to grow in key locations over the next three to five years, with a hyper-focus on high-growth Asian cities to strengthen its position as a forward-looking customer-relevant APAC digital infrastructure platform.    

Read the full interview on APAC Outlook Magazine, first published on 9 Oct 2023. 

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