We design, build and operate some of Asia’s most advanced and scalable green data centres that are ready for AI and HPC workloads from the onset.



Harness the power of focused data centre experts to support your digital infrastructure growth.

Asia Experts

Lean on our expertise with our team of industry veterans who are based in Asia, and focused on Asia. With more than two decades of experience spanning the data centre, telecommunications, and information technology space, our team brings global standards and a deep understanding of cultural practices in doing business in Asia.


Simplify deployments with data centre experts who understand your business and can provide flexible solutions for your mission-critical operations. We build our data centre footprint to fuel your business growth, and focus on delivering consistency, quality, and speed as you scale your digital infrastructure across the region.

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Hyper Connected

Scale within a digital ecosystem located in key metros which offer the most efficient data traffic flow in close proximity to your customers, partners and employees. Our carrier-neutral and network-dense facilities are served by multiple network providers with redundant fibre routes to ensure low-latency connectivity and the highest network capacity and resiliency.



Scale your deployment with our broad range of flexible and customisable data centre solutions for hyperscale, cloud, enterprise and network companies.

Our Solutions

Colocation Solutions

Mission-critical facilities designed to optimally support our customers’ robust and scalable infrastructure across the region, ranging from a single rack, private cages, multi-megawatt hyperscale deployments across data halls and multiple floors.

Remote Hands

On-demand technical resources to perform a variety of onsite 24/7 IT infrastructure-related tasks to ensure our customers’ systems are always up and running.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery spaces and services to ensure the business continuity planning (BCP) of mission-critical IT systems in our facilities.


Tailor-built core and shell with power, cooling and connectivity designed specifically to our customers’ individual requirements.



Future-proof your IT workloads with our high-density and high-performing colocation solutions and operating standards

State-of-the-art Technology

Unlock the future with our robust and sustainable data centres that boast state-of-the-art technology in integrated photovoltaic panels and liquid cooling and chip immersion cooling for high rack density deployments.

Gain access to our network of technology partners to support the latest technical specifications of your High-Performance Computing (HPC) requirements.

Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing (HPC) workloads

Fuel your business ambitions with our high-density colocation solutions designed to handle compute-intensive workloads.

Our team of engineering and data centre operations experts are on-hand to design resilient infrastructure and efficient cooling, and partner you to customise rapid scale-up solutions for your changing IT workloads.

Green by Design

Deliver on green commitments with our sustainability-first facilities, where we invest into technology and plan for ESG considerations in the project build and operations from Day One.

We remain committed to green certifications and renewable energy sourcing to ensure our platform can meet the carbon-neutral aspirations of your end customers.

Discover our Platform in Asia

Our ecosystem of data centres are strategically located in key markets, offering secure and robust infrastructure to support your digital foundation.

Partner with Us

We’re here to future-proof your digital infrastructure growth across Asia.