Our Sustainability Commitment

Our unwavering commitment to the planet, our customers and our people

Green-by-Design, we aim to consistently implement environmental, social and governance considerations into all of our operations and design processes from Day One


Prioritize environmentally-responsible design and operations, with a goal to achieve the highest standards of global and local green building certifications in every market we operate in


Invest into sustainable management and energy-saving technologies within our facilities so as to reduce waste and conserve the use of natural resources


Partner with our sister companies under the Seraya Partners portfolio for transition to carbon-neutral data centres powered by renewable energy

Target Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of < 1.30

across our data centres

Advanced Cooling Systems

Optimise energy and water savings through liquid and direct chip cooling technologies

Renewable Energy

Implement integrated photovoltaic panels and source for renewable energy

Power-Saving Technologies

Design exterior plant walls on our facades for natural ambient cooling and implement power-saving lights

Certified for Excellence

Our commitment to responsible practices and innovation in the digital infrastructure industry