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Push towards Greener Data Centres to tackle carbon emissions

Mark Fong, CEO, Empyrion DC, sits down with Channel News Asia to share his views on how data centres can be building and operating more sustainably

December 13, 2023

[13 Dec 2023], Singapore – The carbon footprint of data centres is significant and accounts for about 1 per cent to up to 5 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to different reports. Mark Fong, CEO, Empyrion DC, sits down with Channel News Asia (CNA) to share his thoughts on what data centre operators can be doing differently.

Mark remarks that operators need to think about sustainability holistically with ESG considerations incorporated into the design and build from the start. The company has also taken steps to cut down its carbon footprint, including regularly upgrading technology, properly managing e-waste and reducing water usage in the bathrooms.

The interview took place in Empyrion DC’s SG1 Dodid Data Centre in Singapore, which boasts a green plant wall on its external facade to reduce indoor ambient temperature in tropical climates.

Read the full article on Channel News Asia or watch the CNA Youtube clip, first published on 13 Dec 2023.

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